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  1. Hi David! I guessed you must support her)) But why do u like her SO much?) Do u like her just as a politician or as a person as well? Peter, R U a vegetarian like Romashka? As for me, I like meat)) I find it really delicious. Of course slaughter of animals is awful. I'ii never kill an animal to eat it. And I'd stop eating meat at once if only it could help stop slaughtering.
  2. Hi,David).And what about Hillary?)) Do you support her?
  3. Нi guys! David, welcom to our forum! Are you still here?)))
  4. Thank you Peter for your answer.I see nowadays some people only agree to learn English with a foreign teacher. Do you think it's the best way? Do you think Russian teachers shouldn't speak Russian at all at their lessons?
  5. Peter, in which country are the best language schools in your opinion? Where are the teachers more professional and methods of teaching more efficient (or may be they are the same everywhere )?
  6. I've never been to the USA but I've been to the UK Have you ever been to UK, USA, or any English-speaking country?
  7. Personally, I agree with Peter, With Trump as the President the situation will certainly change and I hope for better Yes, I have. Of course it 's interesting experience.
  8. Don't worry, Peter, as for me, I'm not a crazy biker. I like comfortable riding when the weather is warm and the roads are dry And in the winter I prefer skiing. And what about you? Are you sporty? What about u, wbif? Are u fond of riding? Are u an active person? Peter, I wonder what u think of the results of the President elections in the US. Do u share general optimism?
  9. Can I cycle? Oh, yes! I have cycled all my life! And I don't need any special lanes as I can cycle everywhere! But of course I am happy our local authorities are trying to do something for me (and you?) I haven't tried these lanes yet but they look good though they are too short at the moment. They say they are going to continue building in spring. And what is your opinion? Since you ask this question it must be topical for you And by the way, where is Peter??
  10. :) Hi everybody! It's me again I see since I was away only one person has joined in. And I'm afraid he(she?) doesn't want to continue writing as he(she?) thinks he knows English well but u both showed him it's false Don't be so strict if u want newcomers here Your remarks are very useful (personally, I'm for!) but some people might not want every their English word to be estimated! Let them express their ideas as they can! Or u might scare away all potential participants whose English isn't perfect
  11. Hi! It's a good idea to practise English but I absolutely agree with Ромашка. Let's just speak about something! Personally, I don't want to do any tasks,even if I can get 3000 roubles! It's boring. Ромашка's idea seems more appealing.
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